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What is Next Level Agility?

Have you found your Flow? Your State of Business Flow?

“Flow,” defined as the movement of business value from customer insight to product delivery, is a fundamental prerequisite to agile success in business. Surfacing and visualizing the end-to-end workflow is a foundational requirement for enabling companies to master software-based solutions at scale. 

To take agile forward, you first need visibility into flow through these essentials: 

  1. Invite people to work with you, understanding your vision and outcomes
  2. Agreed with people who accept the invitation, co creating objectives-based key results
  3. Use common sense and empirical process. 
  4. Have a clear purpose of what you offer to the market
  5. Continuously be open, by receiving  your customers and employees feedback

With that idea of the next level for agility in mind, I would like to present my first iteration, a proposed definition I brought up from my time in a jungle coworking lab in Tulum in 2020.

To The New Ways!

Suppose, if Business Agility is agile beyond IT and software development. In that case, Next Level Agility is Business Agility at a higher level, offering everyone the possibility to evolve, transform and create a meaningful conscious life and career experience.

Agile Leadership,  Business Coaching and Training tailored to fit your business’s and your team’s purpose.

Next Level agility 1.0 want to specifically propose:

👉🏽 Uncovering new ways to build and deliver products and services to your clients 

👉🏽 Exclusive On demand Professional Services for practical Workshops & Coaching in Business with Scrum and Agile

👉🏽 for Businesses of any size 

 👉🏽 for Teams coaching & facilitation in the agile, lean or DevOps culture, not a cult!

👉🏽 Professional coaching for executives to learn agile leadership and Open Business Agility

👉🏽 Entrepreneurship facilitation & coaching to people who want to create their own business

👉🏽 One on One Coaching to Professional to develop their skills and ways of working with agility culture and leadership – for any role they play!

👉🏽 Co-Active Coaching Circle, from Free to Donation, for any agilist that want support and learn from a community of coaches. Again, stakeholders playing any role are welcome

Next Level Agility is also the project book title on the making by Alexandre Frédéric Joly that will be the white paper & manifesto for the new world of work beyond business agility to help companies & individuals strive in a complex world that we could make more clear & straightforward!

In the building of this open system, Alexandre will invite others to contribute and share.  He’s iteratively experimenting with agile contract management called CaaS™ : Consulting, coaching agile as a Service and his Agreement-based change™ approach for stronger team building with happier and more engaged professionals in those teams.

Would you like to have a CaaS?

Follow Alexandre  on the social network of your choice to see the evolution Next Level Agile  proposition and bookmark this page to come back later!

NEXT LEVEL AGILE™ Innovative On Demand Agile Training & Coaching System Empirical and Autonomous Driven Approach.

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