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We are the Business Agility Podcast Broadcasting mainly from Montreal where we talk all things agile you won’t hear elsewhere!
Join your host, Coach AF aka Alexandre Frédéric Joly, last Friday each Month, with or without a guests, and Dare real agile with Next Level Agility, Above and Beyond, for Renaissance of a Responsible Citizenship.

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We Dare Because We Care!

The Fragile Manifesto

In this Episode, Coach AF goes off The Fragile Manifesto or Fakagile Dowd method from Conartist and their counter agility evolution:How Can You Expect To

Les Clowns de LinkedIn

Un Café avec Frédéric 🧡 Les Clowns de LinkedIN – Septième Épisode – Mai 2024! J’aimerais te parler et échanger sur l’actualités, des commentaires, des

Scrum Eclipse Agile

Coach AF reacting in nature, on a lame LinkedIn Post that again explain that agile and scrum failed. Plus a quick and Simple Sizing Trick

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