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We are the Business Agility Podcast Broadcasting from Montreal where we talk all things Agile you won’t hear elsewhere! Join your host, Coach AF last Friday each Month, with or without guests, and Dare real agile with Next Level Agility, Above and Beyond.

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We Dare Because We Care!

Give Thanks For Scrum Takeaways

Coach AF goes into is takeaways from the Agile Boston Conference – 15th Annual Give Thanks For Scrum with Daniel Mezick, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Dan

Agile is the New Waterfall

AF is calling for an Agile Renaissance™ at his Agile Boston Talk this month. It has been 23 years since the Manifesto for Agile Software

The Death of an Agile Coach

Coach AF is Back in IRL Livestream and this week, inspired by Arthur Miller, play “The Death of a Salesman” written in 1948, Alexandre would

Decentralize Now!

This Month’s Episode: Coach AF left the Business Agility Institute because of unshared values, and announce his summer chill break and a tech diet. Alexandre

The Tech Diet of An Agile Coach

In this Special Calm Episode, I simply want to give you a direct message of gratitude. Summer breeze. Announcing the tech diet of an agile coach,

Qu’est-ce qu’agile ?

C’est quoi agile ? C’est quoi l’agilité? C’est pour qui? Pourquoi? Ça vient d’où ? Et si nous mettions un peu de clarté pour une

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