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La Fin d’Agile – Episode 41x

Ce vendredi 26 août, 41e épisode du Dare Real Agile, lendemain de mon anniversaire de naissance et depuis mes vacances de ma fin d’année, j’ai

End of Agile – Episode 41

This Friday, August 26, 41st episode of Dare Real Agile, the day after my birthday and from the deep of my end-of-year vacation, I want

Only Agile People Will Survive

Wonder why zombies, zombie apocalypse, and zombie preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site?
Are you Ready for this Fall

Next Level Agility

In this Episode Alexandre Frédéric Joly talk about is new system and program to walk better in agile consultancy, coaching and training.

Uncovering New Ways for

To Be or To Do Agile ?

To Be or To Do Agile? This is NOT the Question…

Plus: 2 Truths Agile Coaches don’t say out loud that Coach AF will reveal as

Is Agile Feminist ?

An Article on Medium back in Fall 2019 motivated me to create the Dare Real Agile Podcast.

The Internet Blogosphere is already full on crap of

Real DevOps Conversation

Is DevOps a Role? A Culture ? A Tooling System ?

Coach AF from the Dare Real Agile welcome Ralph François and Alexandre Tourigny from Reelcruit

SAFe is Not Agile, Is Not Even Scrum

The Intention of this agile Podcast episode will be primarily to honour Mike Beedle contribution to the agile movement and open evolution of Scrum and creation

Identité Numérique et Agilité au Québec

Identité Numérique et Agilité au Québec Alexandre Frédéric Joly aka Coach AF échange sur l’identité numérique proposé au Québec et l’état de l’agilité d’affaire et

Dare Real Agile Podcast - 2020-04-10

How to Navigate in this Coronavuca ?

Our #Podcast #DareRealAgile Episode Zero-01- How to navigate in this coronavuca ? How is #BusinessAgility could truly help us going through and will be the

Dare Real Agile Podcast - 2020-04-03


Notre #Podcast #DareRealAgile Épisode Zero – Le Pilote en Français sur le Business Agility et les motivations qui me poussent à vous offrir cet espace

What is Agile?

What is Agile?    Really ? An agnostic and objective introduction Agile is a set of 4 values and 12 principles that give people, teams and organizations

Dare Real Agile Podcast - 2019-12-31

Why we need to Dare Agile ?

Hi! I’am Agile Coach AF and here’s why and how our Agile Community need REAL Agile. So, sit back and enjoy this Authentic podcast announcing

Qu’est-ce qu’agile ?

C’est quoi agile ? C’est quoi l’agilité? C’est pour qui? Pourquoi? Ça vient d’où ? Et si nous mettions un peu de clarté pour une

Conscious Agility: Émergence

Qu’est-ce que l’agilité consciente ? Je n’en suis qu’à l’émergence et je ne suis pas prêt à offrir une définition. Je lance l’idée d’éveil et

From Twitzers to Job Hopping

Have you truly question the root cause? Warning : This is a Franglish Article and Gender Free Style! Ready ? Read, Share and Let’s have