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We are the Business Agility Podcast Broadcasting from Montreal where we talk all things Agile you won’t hear elsewhere! Join your host, Coach AF last Friday each Month, with or without guests, and Dare real agile with Next Level Agility, Above and Beyond.

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We Dare Because We Care!

What have you DONE to my SCRUM Master?

What is a ScrumMaster? What is her/his responsibility and power in an organization? Coach AF will share a case study, especially from a French-Canadian perspective

What is Agile?

What is agile? What is agility? Who is it for? Why? Where did this come from ? What about we put a little clarity for

Qu’est-ce qu’agile ?

C’est quoi agile ? C’est quoi l’agilité? C’est pour qui? Pourquoi? Ça vient d’où ? Et si nous mettions un peu de clarté pour une