Reelcruit founders talk how their App will transform IT recruitment with agility

Que diriez-vous d’avoir une App pour consultants avec vos projets, votre taux en toute transparence ?  Bâtis par des gens de talent et agile?

Dare Real Agile rencontre Adil Addiya et Ralph François les fondateurs innovateurs de Reelcruit App: THE PERFECT MATCHMAKER BETWEEN CONSULTANTS AND THE COMPANIES WHO NEED THEM.

Join Coach AF in great conversation with Adil and Ralph that show up in the world responding to the market need of new ways of recruiting and more: putting back people first and real agility values in talent acquisition!

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Cyber Renaissance Intro with Conscious Agility

Are you ready to be part of a trans-for-action that will requirer conscious agility and open space?

Êtes-vous tous prêt.e.s pour la Cyber Renaissance avec l’Agilité Consciente?

My bilingual or juste Français or just in English upcoming Friday Vlogcast  Value Proposition Agenda for this Podcast 🎙Intro (with music by Konceal – Available on iTunes here :…

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What is Conscious Agility?
What is Cyber Renaissance and why ? An Intro 
Moving Onward
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Keiser Report on Cyber Renaissance :

Design you Life Open Lab & +. :

Great Reset Agile

Grande RĂ©initialisation 2021 et AgilitĂ© d’Entreprise

Comment démontrez-vous si vous êtes prêt pour la grande réinitialisation et la nouvelle aube économique qui est ici et maintenant?

Pourquoi Coach AF pense que le Business Agility sera la meilleur approche pour faire votre transition et créer, profiter de cette initiative ou pas ?

Seuls les Real Agile People (RAP) survivront et prospĂ©reront dans la sociĂ©tĂ© en marche, quelle que soit la tangente que nous prenons. Toutes les mentalitĂ©s traditionnelles et les anciennes mĂ©thodes, mĂŞme dans la pseudo nouveautĂ© de l’innovation hybride, devront radicalement disparaĂ®tre pour installer le nouveau paradigme et la transformation.


Fake Agile Série : La Différence entre un ScrumMaster vs Coach Agile?

Existe-t-il un FAUX Agile ou des faux Coaches Agile?
Comment reconnaĂ®tre un vrai coach agile d’un conartiste?
Comment concilier coaching et consultation aussi?

Cette semaine, premier de 3 épisode sur le #FakeAgile en Français où nous tentons de répondre à la question : Quelle est la différence entre un ScrumMaster et un Coach Agile ?


Why Digital Transformation need Business Agility?

Why and How Digital Transformation should work in togetherness with Business Agility for a smarter & real transformation.

Because Business Agility with it’s empirical approach will help clarify a true vision for digitalization and unleash innovation.   In this episode, Coach AF gives you a spark on how to be agile in digital change.

Dare Real Agile Podcast

MayDay: pleasing your workers with H2H

How Great Leaders are empowering people and create the best work environment ?
In this episode we are enabling managers to become leaders and ask themselves How to Engage Employees and make them happier at working WITH you! One of the key factors to running a successful business is knowing how to engage employees. If the leaders of a business or organization understand the level of passion their workforce has for the job, they are a step ahead of the competition.

A Dare Real Agile Podcast from the Agile Lounge with Business Agility.

Dare Real Agile Podcast

Autonomy: what’s Scrum teaching us about it?

Autonomy: what’s Scrum teaching us about it?
Our Podcast Dare Real Agile Episode Zero-03 Self-organized team is chaos? What about exploring the modern agile principle that says: Build products around motivated, responsible ADULTS and give them the freedom to learn and succeed.

Synonymes: self-governing, independent, sovereign, free, self-ruling, self-determining, autarchic, self-sufficient denoting a task, duty or performed by a mature, skilled individual capable of operating without direct control from another or other… 2. (in Kantian moral philosophy) acting in accordance with one’s moral duty rather than one’s desires.

Dare Real Agile Podcast - 2020-04-17

Comment se prĂ©parer Ă  l’après confinement?

Comment se prĂ©parer Ă  l’après confinement? Coronavuca avec #BusinessAgility On va Ă©changer ensemble sur mon dernier blog et un retour sur le 1er Forum Agile Virtuel du 15 avril ayant pour thème: Comment l’agilitĂ© peut nous aider Ă  transformer les entreprises et la sociĂ©tĂ© post-coronavirus?

Dare Real Agile Podcast - 2020-04-10

How to Navigate in this Coronavuca ?

Our #Podcast #DareRealAgile Episode Zero-01- How to navigate in this coronavuca ? How is #BusinessAgility could truly help us going through and will be the solution to transform our world of work on top of the digital acceleration.

Dare Real Agile Podcast - 2020-04-03


Notre #Podcast #DareRealAgile Épisode Zero – Le Pilote en Français sur le Business Agility et les motivations qui me poussent Ă  vous offrir cet espace de baladodiffusion sur l’agilitĂ©.

Dare Real Agile Podcast - 2019-12-31

Why we need to Dare Agile ?

Hi! I’am Agile Coach AF and here’s why and how our Agile Community need REAL Agile. So, sit back and enjoy this Authentic podcast announcing my intention and my value list for this new business agility podcast.