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Founder & Chief Client Experience Officer of Agile Lounge® for Business Agility

Passionate About Agile, Scrum and Business Agility

Alexandre Frédéric Joly is the Founder & Chief Client Experience Officer of Agile Lounge® for Business Agility under the group company AF J Solutions Inc.


Providing Business Value and Customer Experience Design since 1999 as a CX Designer and Coaching agile and scrum teams since 2002, now coaching leaders and executives since 2009. Alexandre has led, facilitated and delivered dozens of Lean Agile organization and team level changes.

Alexandre will guide you in utilizing Outcome-based, Agnostic, and Open Business Agility approaches through Open Space events inspired by Kaizen™ for continuous improvement in your organization as strategic and tactical means.

Most of these included workshops on Value Stream for Customers and Business Mapping with the Flow Mindset developed in his system Next Level Agility™  This system of his creation,  is an evolution inspired by Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility framework by his late mentor and friend Mike Beedle

Alexandre is also a Scrum Foundation Educator with Scrum Alliance®, an expert on Business Agility, and a Podcaster conversing with a large-scale network of the greatest innovators worldwide. 

In 2022, Alexandre is writing a book on organizational change and the future of business to support his business value proposition in Next Level Agility™ System in making, including Agreement Based changed™ solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

A frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences, Alexandre’s list of clients includes, Government agencies, Yelp, National Bank of Canada, Desjardins Financial Group, Barclay, Telus, Videotron, Rogers, Bell, Softsims, and dozens of smaller enterprises including Startups using his Agnostic Scrum and Open Space patterns and practices experience.

Alexandre’s enterprise consulting practice is built upon the core concepts found in 2 decades of practice and improvement.  He learned directly from key people in the agility movement.

He conducts workshops based on putting your customer and user first to provide the best business value and also offers continuous on-demand enterprise agile coaching, agile training programs for teams, and leadership consulting.

Alexandre’s Main Competency


Alexandre excels at facilitating and building high performance teams at all levels of an organization, from executive teams and senior managers through to the agile product teams. Over the past 15 years, Alex has built a vast toolkit of models and techniques for guiding teams through the mindset shifts needed to achieve high performance and to deliver value. As a coach, he assists and guides organizations to make smarter decisions. As a professional in business agility and the first certified Enterprise Scrum® coach in Canada, he is known for his ability to synthesize and simplify complexity and to drive towards targeted business and IT value propositions.


Alexandre has decades of experience in facilitating groups ranging from small teams to entire companies. He has extensive experience in leading Open Space sessions, Value Mapping sessions and team chartering. Alex uses facilitation models to guide conversations and often leverages a lean visualization toolkit to adapt sessions to meet challenging environments. Alex uses participatory decision-making approaches that promote clear ownership and personal buy-in and has applied these techniques in a variety of settings from strategy to operations to crisis management.

Organizational Design

Alexandre has helped to lead dozens of agile transformations across multiple industries. He has participated in enterprise visioning and strategy development and has helped to foster scaled employee engagement to drive strategy execution. He has facilitated organization design sessions to scale business agility and uses Kaizen® and Open Space Technology to align individuals and teams towards a shared vision.

My agility Story in short

Since I embarked as a ScrumMaster and practiced Scrum in 1999, I have worked in the field for many engineering and software development teams as well as in complex e-Commerce product development.

In that role, I gained more and more the attribute from facilitating to coach team for 9 years and then in 2009 I learned how to actually transfer my mastering practice of scrum focusing directly  on coaching and consulting for the entire enterprise, beyond software and IT, that some of us called Business agility where we agilize everything and everyone.  

I obtained my CSM® Certification in 2016, after a decade and more of practice and for years I’ve been an active member at Scrum Alliance.

My participation in worldwide networking makes me improve every day in our agility and lean field.

In the last 13 years, I have actively participated in multiple transformations and optimizations that have allowed me to perfect my coaching approach to the point of being able to scale it to enterprise-wide use.

In March 2018, in New York, I became the first Canadian ever to be a Certified Business Agility Coach (CBAC®) to put the client at the center of every transformation with the proper value proposition.

I am proud to be part of this Enterprise Scrum Family and will Honor its Father here in the Rogue State of Québec & Beyond!

What Is an Agile Coach, or better,
a Business Agility Coach?

An agile coach helps enterprises of any size, team, and individual adopt agile practices and patterns while embedding agile values and mindsets. The goal of an agile coach is to foster more effective, transparent, and cohesive teams, and to enable better outcomes, solutions, and products/services for customer satisfaction and business profit.  

With the evolution of the agile movement, which goes beyond agile software development as described in the 2001 manifesto, an experienced coach like Alexandre, acting now more like a Business agility coach, is able to agilze, teach and coach everyone at every organization level, business, IT and more!

In the Enterprise Scrum system, we simply call it a Coach! The term next to it is only a qualification if needed to be precise for a specific mission.  

Bottom line: a coach in business and for teams is the process enabler and guide to help uncover new ways of working together.  At the Agile Lounge, we propose our Agreement-Based approach to build teams.

See Alexandre Scrum and Agile Certifications here, on BadgeCert.

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