What is a Digital Nomad and how to become one?

Would you love to adopt a new way of working, traveling and living ?

Do you think Digital Nomadism and Condo Surfing just happened over night at the corner when the cat down the road of Covid19 showed up ?

Of course not.  I myself been introduce to it while working at Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, Spain in 1997 while welcoming guests to a friend condo complex 3 blocks from Café del Mar.

A Swedish couple that weren’t in vacation but rather working mostly online and combining travel and working introduce me to the term Digital Nomad.

This was also at that moment I had been pull in to the idea and concept of non-existence work-life balance.  As an entrepreneur and still student back then, living an international delight life, this all appealed to me.  My path of knowing thyself and that I was a whole being not just my job nor my enterprise was there.

Combining my experience of International event organizer, customer centric designer and scrum agile mindset trainer and coach over 2 decades,  I am now co-actively creating Agile Travel as my Digital Nomad Concierge services.   I will also be of help for Condo Surfers that needs references for traveling outside the box.

So what is a Digital Nomad and what’s the difference with a Condo Surfers ?  Is there a difference ?  The chicken or the eggs ?   More importantly how business agility and conscious leadership should help you create this new way of traveling and working into a new lifestyle of freedom.

Experience Story: Start with your Why

As a person working from home

I would like to swap my home office for a beachfront condo and

Create a travel-work experience so I can be highly motivated thus more productive and happier

You ear your government telling you that non-essentiel travel aren’t a good idea.

On the other end, you are flood by emails from airlines that offer you the best package to take your vacations in Mexico.

What’s the contradiction telling you ?   Simple: you are a responsible adult and you have free will to decide for yourself

I am here in the Mexican Caribbean since September and as I was speaking with other traveler and digital nomads from the US and Canada: we feel safer here then in Cleveland Ohio or Montréal Québec.    Mexican seems also to have a more responsible government that trust its people and business to do the right thing and treat them as mature responsible adults.

The restrictions are as heavy as in our countries up north, even more so at some venue.  However they stay open for business and let people work and be open. They let local and states government and people self-managed and nothing is imposed nor prescribe.

Isn’t the Scrum and Modern Agile Value of creating a self-organized environnement?

So, as put in the experience story above:  do your story by asking yourself why you would like to be a digital nomad and/or a condo surfer.

Now let’s have an objective definition of those 2 terms.  This is Agile Lounge and myself proposition from our experience.  This is not THE definition, but rather ONE to bring you meaningful value.  Do we think they’re the best definition ?  We let you the judge of that by experimenting yourself with your own ways living it.

On that, we’d loved to read from you in the comment: tell us your views, ways and experiences of both of these persona!

What is a Condo Surfer ?

A person that engage on the activity of renting and moving from condo to condo or appartement to town house in the World on a monthly or weekly bases.

So it is basically someone who like to travel as a Digital Nomad or just want a temporary place of leisure without the hustle of owning properties all over the world.  You also maybe want to travel more responsibly and without the huge fees of the all-inclusive in box package that’s not your way of traveling.   You want more freedom and kind of feel at home and pay for what you need while traveling and stay at one spot.

You literally surf from renting a condo to another.  A Condo Surfer is not automatically a Digital Nomad.  Let’s see why as we continued our proposition.

What is a Digital Nomad ?

The foundation of the digital nomad movement is remote work, allowing people to do their work at home or otherwise through the Internet. Digital nomads can use wireless Internet, smartphones, Voice over IP, and/or cloud-based applications to work remotely where they live or travel.

A Digital nomad may use co-working or co-living spaces, cafes, house sitting agreements, and shared offices.

So a digital nomad could use the condo surfing as well to find a place in house sitting as describe in the last line above inspired by Kristin Colella definition we co-created our definition.

How to adopt this lifestyle ?

With the pandemic happening now we saw a resurgence of theses terms, especially the digital nomad one.   Many opportunists believed they just created it because the majority of us are now remote working.

As you know as we dare real agile, we always aim to provide you agnostic and objective definition than a soi-disant truth.    We are here and please to offer you a base camp definition of why and what and then proposed you some how to for you to create your own mind and experience.

As a coach that’s my main duty:  to spark you on the idea and then support you by helping asking the right questions to get your answers and build your achievement of the digital nomad lifestyle of working or condo surfing way of traveling.  As your agile travel concierge I will do nothing else for you then guide you and provide you with the utmost information and referral for you to build your journey of digital nomadism.

I could also help unleash working agreement with yourself and/or co-traveler co-workers in providing pragmatic experienced tips on olive space and responsible tourism.

Also expect referral to professional in real estate and independent tour specialists to assist you further in your needs.

Agile is people first and empirical experience that will fulfil your needs.   We believes that having an agile mindset beyond «tecky» realms and even on a personal agility and scrum way of approaching  your dream and vision will help you get there smarter and faster.

Adopt a mindset of flexibility and openness.   We mean it:  there is no plan but planning with buffers.   Create your own system based on values and principles that will help you fulfil and achieve.  

Yes, Scott Adam quote: «Goals are for losers and Winners have systems» will make all its sens here.  What I want to emphasis  is goals are good if you take them as means to achieve your vision.  To do that you need a system that include capable people and a clear vision with strategy.
The equation and Sinek’s golden circle of Why-What-How

KISS it like this:  Keep It Simple, direct and Smart!

If you would like to have a live zoom chat on your travel or remote work project, please do contact me and I will help start your path of becoming a Digital Nomad or give you great reference for the Yucatan Peninsula and Riviera Maya for your Condo Surfing.

Finally, here is my proposed definition of Covid:   Create you Own Vision In Detail and achieve your dream with self-love and the best systems that works for and with you and your values.

Hope you learn something and hope to learn from you as well.

Happy traveling and happy new world

Your Coach AF –  Alexandre Frédéric Joly

Founder of Agile Lounge and creator of Agile Travel™



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