Decentralize Now!

This Month’s Episode: Coach AF left the Business Agility Institute because of unshared values, and announce his summer chill break and a tech diet. Alexandre Frédéric Joly goes on to showcase 3 initiatives of next-level decentralization ongoing. Finally, Alexandre Frédéric Joly welcomes Daniel Mezick to discuss Decentralize Now proposition of actions with Open Patterns at […]

The Tech Diet of An Agile Coach

In this Special Calm Episode, I simply want to give you a direct message of gratitude. Summer breeze. Announcing the tech diet of an agile coach, for a real retrospective, and be back like a Phoenix, for my new business year.Everyone approved of that since it was obvious I couldn’t be too careful. Nolite Te Bastardes […]

Talent Agile: Trouvez les meilleurs pour votre équipe Scrum, Agile ou Lean!

Un Atelier Signature, fait sur mesure pour les recruteurs Exclusif à l’Agile Lounge for Business Agility. (For English, Scroll Down) QUE VAIS-JE APPRENDRE DANS CET ATELIER ? Nous vous aiderons à trouver les meilleurs professionnels ayant une expérience des cultures et des méthodes agiles, lean et scrum pour vos clients ou votre organisation pour des équipes […]

Four Signs Your Agile Coach is FAKE!

In this Special Episode, Coach AF goes on giving you Four Signs Your Agile Coach is Fake!  This is a tale inspired by Our Exclusive and Innovative Talent Agile™ Workshops  After this Episode and that Training, you won’t be fooled anymore by agile hustler and Con Agile Coach! Trust me! They are masters of deception: […]

SAFe is NOT Agile. SAFe is not Even Scrum

Agile Lounge Foreword Some years ago, with the authorization of Mike Beedle, my mentor, I publish on my blog, my French version of an original article in English published here by Mike Beedle on the Scrum Alliance group of LinkedIN.  One of my subscriber wrote me that the OG article link to LinkedIn is dead.  No more […]

PRIDE month, DEI, Divergence, and Business Agility

Pride Month? What are we PROUD of, exactly? Should Business Agility with Conscious Leadership enough to take CARE of DEI? In this Special Episode, Coach AF aka Alexandre Frédéric Joly will be having an Open Conversation on that subject of pride to be a fringe, even sharing his memory of coming out as bisexual back, […]

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