Best of 2018 and End of Agile Coaching

Oui en 2019, ça sera la fin du coaching Agile as WE know it! Je vous présente ici mes meilleures moments de 2018, la 2e année d’activités d’Agile Lounge™ ! I am please to present you my best of 2018 t the Agile Lounge in a franglish manner and authentic! ET vous ? And You? […]

Scaling Agile With Enterprise Scrum – Part1 bye Sue Ryu

Made by a great ESBA collaborator and Agile Enterprise Scrum Enthusiast Sue Ryu ( In this video Scaling Agile with Enterprise Scrum Part 1 will help you learn the key important factors your organization must consider in scaling agile/scrum. In the second part, which will be posted shortly, she will cover how Enterprise Scrum, unlike […]