Two Agile Rebels talk about Freedom, Innovation, Physics, Life and Love! 

Agile Physics? Yes! Agile Physics, astrophysics, psychedelic. If you want an hour of divergent creative conversation with Rijon and Alexandre Frédéric: grab a drink and let’s dive deep and what agile is and is not and what is Life anyway? From An EPIC 82-minute jam session with the Orange Tiger and the Purple Squirrel, co-broadcast […]

Twice the Exercise and Half the Meal Portions a Personal Scrum Story To Get Lean

Alexandre Frédéric delves into a Personal Scrum tale inspired by Dr. Jeff Sutherland’s meeting in Boston last fall. It’s all about Dr. Sutherland playing with his book on Scrum titled himself: “Twice the Energy and Half the Stress” with his Fitbit controlling his blood pressure. That gave Alexandre Frédéric the idea of Twice the Exercise […]

9 Agilities for TRUE Business Agility 

Alexandre Frédéric goes and delves into 9 Agilities for TRUE Business Agility from the great work of Mike Beedle with Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility (ESBA). This will be a series of about six to nine special episode through 2024 to honour the work of Mike Beedle. This episode Reading is from this Post on […]

War is peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength, Scrum is Agile.

Scrum is as agile as the moto mindfuck of Orwell’s Novel 1984! This is the Dare Real Agile Episode 60 From the 2021 Friday Livestream vault.  A forgotten interview with Daniel Mezick! So much actuality nowadays of the rising authoritarianism, at this beginning of 2024, as we call for Renaissance of our way,  by stopping […]


In a value-based culture, a company or organization prioritizes internal values over framework and show more agility. In this special episode, Alexandre Frédéric explains how Value-Driven organizations are providing improved experiences to their customers and employees. They achieve this without boasting about any framework or imposing practices. This is an inspiring talking point and offers […]

Agile Community or Movement? Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

Agile Community: Es Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum e Surge sicut phoenix* *Don’t try to decrepit this, just listen to what I want to share with You, an Exclusive Direct Message to my Podcast Audience, to Thank you, and give you some reflection and what’s next with another level, way, for Renaissance. Way beyond this « […]

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