Enterprise Scrum & Inviting Agility with Michael Herman – Episode 35

Michael Herman, creator of Inviting Agility on Dare Real Agile Podcast Alexandre-Frédéric Joly and Michael Herman had quite a lot of fun on Dare Real Agile Business Agility Podcast, covering a lot of ground in a marathon podcast conversation: Part 1 5:00 – 15:00 How I got here, learnings and biases, connecting agile, open space, […]

Conversation with Michael Herman Part 3: Open Space Not Safe Space

This is the 3rd Part of our great Conversation with Michael Herman on Enterprise for Business Agility.

In this episode we discover how Open Space work and they have to stay Open not Safe.

Enjoy the run with us from any devices or platforms.

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Scrum Guide 2020 Reviewed by Coach AF

This Friday, Coach AF had listen to Your comments and emails following and he will go ahead in his more meaningful review of the New Scrum Guide 2020 for the 25th anniversary of Scrum Alexandre is doing it Business Agility Way
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Digital ID et The Great Reset 2021 avec l’agilité d’affaire

Coach AF du Agile Lounge vous donne rendez-vous pour une proposition de valeur et de Trans-for-action avec agilité et leadership authentique au-delà de 2020

Nous reproduisons ici, en édition Podcast, le LIVE Spécial en Français sur le YouTube d’Agile Lounge
* Mise à jour sur la Grande Réinitialisation
* Identité Digital et Agilité au Québec
* Arrêtons le Sophisme, la dualité et de profiter de l’anxiété des autres
* Échange Interactive avec l’audience via Zoom Audio (Replay)

Conversation with Michael Herman Part 2: Open Space

#AgileInsider Number 4 – Agile Conversation with Michael Herman https://michaelherman.com

This is Part 2 : Openess of Mike Beedle and How Open Space is for Enterprise Scrum whom for Business Agility Simplifying Business Modele Canvases and Making everything visual for everyone to see.

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Conversation with Michael Herman Part 1: Origins

#AgileInsider Number 2 – Agile Conversation #1 with Michael Herman https://michaelherman.com

This is Part 1 : Origins of Enterprise Scrum including presentation of who we are and how we been introduce to Mike Beedle,  scrum and business agility.

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