The Death of an Agile Coach

Coach AF is Back in IRL Livestream and this week, inspired by Arthur Miller, play “The Death of a Salesman” written in 1948, Alexandre would like to, authentically and with courage address what’s wrong with Agile Coaching. As always, after calling out a weakness, Coach AF will propose a valuable solution. NOTE: No Agile coach […]

Back to the Office or Remote Work?

This month Episode of the Dare Real Agile Podcast bring us to these questions: What’s in it for me ? What’s in it for Them ? To go back to the Office? To commute again Downtown ? Let’s talk about it and more on that Fake Debate around Working from Home or Remote Work. Or […]

Decentralize Now!

This Month’s Episode: Coach AF left the Business Agility Institute because of unshared values, and announce his summer chill break and a tech diet. Alexandre Frédéric Joly goes on to showcase 3 initiatives of next-level decentralization ongoing. Finally, Alexandre Frédéric Joly welcomes Daniel Mezick to discuss Decentralize Now proposition of actions with Open Patterns at […]

What is Agile?

What is agile? What is agility? Who is it for? Why? Where did this come from ? What about we put a little clarity for a simpler and more direct and real understanding?  Alexandre Frédéric Joly have a proposition for you: An agnostic and objective introduction Agile is a set of 4 values and 12 […]

Digital ID et The Great Reset 2021 avec l’agilité d’affaire

Coach AF du Agile Lounge vous donne rendez-vous pour une proposition de valeur et de Trans-for-action avec agilité et leadership authentique au-delà de 2020

Nous reproduisons ici, en édition Podcast, le LIVE Spécial en Français sur le YouTube d’Agile Lounge
* Mise à jour sur la Grande Réinitialisation
* Identité Digital et Agilité au Québec
* Arrêtons le Sophisme, la dualité et de profiter de l’anxiété des autres
* Échange Interactive avec l’audience via Zoom Audio (Replay)

Conversation with Michael Herman Part 2: Open Space

#AgileInsider Number 4 – Agile Conversation with Michael Herman

This is Part 2 : Openess of Mike Beedle and How Open Space is for Enterprise Scrum whom for Business Agility Simplifying Business Modele Canvases and Making everything visual for everyone to see.

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