Give Thanks For Scrum Takeaways

Coach AF goes into is takeaways from the Agile Boston Conference – 15th Annual Give Thanks For Scrum with Daniel Mezick, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, Dan Lefebvre, Dave West and many more. This year GTFS Theme: Empiricism in the Modern World The Agile Boston Conference Reviewed : Let’s Talk about agile survey Buy my Guests […]

Coach AF & Friends REACT to The Agile Paradoxon

Coach AF’s latest episode features Harold Shinsato and Rijon Erickson discussing the short film “The Agile Paradoxon” by Stripped Giraf. The film sparked a conversation about what went wrong with the agile revolution promise made 23 years ago. They discuss whether agile has become a cult or process religion and the dark era issues of […]

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