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Agile Lounge Ways and Values

Agile Lounge for Business Agility offers a full spectrum of services to help organizations of any size work smarter, and better. We will create your standards of excellence, train your people to work in more valuable and successful ways, assess how you’re doing and assist you perform even better in your market in the future.

To participate in the new economy in the new world of business where you will delight your customers and elevate your employees with new ways of working.  We believe you could do it by learning and understanding the agile values and principles.   After 20-plus years of practice, we also believe that the Scrum system creates adaptive Patterns for Self-organized Teams and Circular organizations and enterprises.    

Business agility and conscious leadership aim for a liberated structure and decentralized ways people interact in an enterprise of any size.  That’s what Alexandre and his other freelance consultants at the Lounge, teach, preach and ACT upon!

The Agile Lounge Values

  1. People & Interaction over Structure & Process
  2. Evolution over Transformation
  3. Invitation-pull based over imposed-push
  4. Subsumption circular-based Org over hierarchical top-down Org chart
  5. Agreement-based change over directive and command and control change

That is, while there is little value in some of the items on the right, we highly value the items on the left.

We take care to offer an innovative and exclusive coaching experience: for Agile Lounge clients, as well as for our consultants. We value a workspace as diverse as our open, agile approaches and solutions—the work done by our adviser matters. We are constantly moving forward with an open mind and listening to your needs. And above all, we strive to work with empathy, agnosticism, empiricism and collaboration.

All of our values help us deliver better agile adoption facilitation services, help you make better decisions, make your employees more engaged, shape a better work environment and create the best experiences for your customers. As we continue to grow, we aspire to offer the best version of ourselves and develop new approaches to Business Agility and Conscious Leadership that represent the world in which we live and play. We would love it if we could join forces, and together we can help you succeed with our tailored and practical agility.

Agile Consultancy & Coaching

Lean Agile Maturity Assessment

We propose to you the Agile Team & Organization Assessment with 4 pillars we like to call ATA-4 as the approach to assess your actual agile way by inviting your people to brainstorm together into your workplace. It consists of assisted conversation and self-evaluation workshops + anonymous questionnaires to your teams with all relevant stakeholders of your organization.


Will teach you through hands-on learning where each training is a practical workshop where you come out with artifacts or something of value that is yours. Alex and his team have a broader experience in agile, scrum, kanban and out of IT with Business Agility training for all. Ask us what training you need.


A neutral process of coaching and onboarding by guiding the teams during their adoption of agility Helping individual, team and everyone in the organization to become autonomous in their solutions and make decisions by themselves Facilitate the understanding and scaling of agile mindset and ways of doing and being among teams in the organization.

Consulting & More

In partnership with the business segments and customers segments, helping you be creative in the process of agility and adaptation to markets by listening to the customer's voice. Strategic consultation and agile facilitation for C-Level, all Business & IT Stakeholders

Agile Lounge Signature

Talent Agile™

Our exclusive and innovative workshop is specifically crafted and interactive for talent acquisition specialists, recruiters and people working to empower people at work. We will teach you how to find the best professionals with experience with agile, lean and scrum culture and methods for your clients or your organization for successful and happy teams!

Intro to Agile

Discovering Agile, our Interactive Workshop Experience with a Loungy touch! This is the wonderers & beginners workshop. Come and have café or tea with us and let’s walk you through a WHY session to What’s agile from IT to the entire business benefits. Plus, a teaser on how to be agile and practice agility in your organization or team!

Scrum Fundamental

- An introduction of the 5 values of Scrum - Roles and responsibilities - Patterns, processes, tools and techniques to teach you the foundation of the artifacts and events and how to configure it with our agreement-based approach to your business and industry context. Following this workshop, we could accompany you in a team pilot onboarding, as our signature pattern is to teach you hands-on!

Learn Business Agility

This course is composed of one session of Objective Business Agility Definition and Orientation and four practical workshops tailored to audiences and practices.


Coaching agile as a Service: providing consulting, coaching, facilitation and more On Demand for Enterprises, Teams and Professionals that want to be the winner of their Industry. All our services are for both IT and Business and above and beyond with our mindset of Next Level Agility adapting to your organizational mindset.

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