Scrum vs Kanban There is no War in a Collaborative Mindset

Scrum vs Kanban Meme

Guys! Stop it please!

There is no Scrum VS Kanban.

Scrum creators Shutterland & Schwaber aren’t ennemies anymore.  Are WE in 2018 soon 2019?

After giving a class teaching Kanban at a client this week I had lots of questions about the 2 tools & process framework known as Scrum and Kanban to help teams BE smarter and better in their work.  The questions were often on the difference between the 2 and if there is a war between the two.

Let’s be objective and right on target facts not opinions. Yes yes, despite our right to Free speech its should be also OUR responsibility to be factual and neutral without shutting down free speech.

– > So the source for Scrum to start with is in the Scrum Guide HERE! 

– > The one for Kanban I think to start is in David J Anderson book Kanban Evolutionary change…  HERE!

“Thank you to be an agnostic neutral factual coach AF” , one workshop attendee told me!

Yeah, you bet! Cheers  🙂


There is no such things as one VS two.

Think about that.  Logically and mathematically on top of agilitylly…  You need all prime numbers to make any equations right ?  To build the right formula to understand and solve an issue.

Why wouldn’t not be the same in a process of transforming the world of work ?   Do you see 3 as an nemesis of 5 ?    How could you be programmed to think that Superman is an enemy of Batman ?  So it’s exactly the same with any process framework.

They might have their differences, and it’s healthy, albeit they reach the same collaborative and efficient goal for teams, business and client experience.

Remembering the Reason of 2001 Scrum and others gathering

Do we all remember what was the purpose of the 17 professionals meeting in Utah in 2001 ?

Writing a Manifesto with 4 values and 12 principles ?  NO, that is the outcome my friends.

The goal was to find an agreement, that despite their different ways of proposing solutions to the ever growing and complex world of software development and eCommerce, they all aimed at a same honest goal:  Client satisfaction.

That goes through quality of what we build as developers and that was the WHY to help us achieve needed values and principles to start changing the mindset and stop being divided on these to make sure as professional IT and Business consulting we really help enterprises and teams being smarter and better.

Achieve what ? Scrum or Kanban ?

No way.  Listening customer and user voice and providing all we can to stay on top of the market, being the best product offer.

Later, even being disruptor of the market by innovating and continuous improvement of both the product and the way we work together and tighter on it.  This my friends is the why and Scrum, XP, Kanban and all that is process are the tool that could help you DO that with Agile values and mindset as what help you BE.Collaboration and adaptation to the IT and Business Context should be the Best Idea!

If there is a collaborative mindset, then we should work in togetherness.  If you ARE really agile and use agile leadership and got the mindset, the use of Scrum, Kanban and so many other tools or process should not been put as nemesis in the mind of your team members or any stakeholders.

I shouldn’t even have to spend more then 10 minutes in my training and coaching on that, not even writing that article on it.  But hey?  We aren’t all at the same experience and adoption of agility.   All our minds aren’t yet ready to embrace full on transparency, collaboration and so on.

It is our duty as agnostic and empathic coaches to help the coco bombs becoming togetherness bubbles of light. This is why I took the time with my client team this week to exchange on the topic and it make me think of summarize it up here on my blog for the benefit of the Agile Scrum and Kanban communities.

I will completed this article by expressing that we, as the agile practitioner and community, really need to create objectivity and space to growth and learn with fact and what is essential for any context.  Divergence and thinking different is very healthy, however thinking outside the box should not be a sufficient type attitude of obstinately, that will only nourish division and silos.  We, agiler, are better then that and we seek collaboration even at the cost of being in bold discussions.

What do you think ?

What are your experiences with this topic ?

Do you have those questions in your training or coaching ?

Share your experience in the comment below, can’t wait to read your thought on this.  Until then, have a great one!


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