Product Management is the futur of Client Experience

From Project to Product – Customer Experience careless of deadline, do not want to wait anymore, seek functional, agreeable application, easy to understand and simple to use.

Product and project managers each perform unique functions. When aligned properly, they both can shine. – by Ron Yang

Although I agree with Ron Yang quote above from his Aha! Blog simply because I believe in collaboration value of making sure everyone effort and skills participate into Business Agility and more importantly Customer Satisfaction & Experience #CX.

We should BE in the present and building the onward present we called the future and only learned about the past. #CarpeDiem is the NOW, Project will only give you calendar, steps, sequence, milestones…  nothing very in the now and it’s bring lots of noise that will unfocus team, from creative marketing, UX/ UI designer and programmer to make the product alive.   The other way and to have all cross functional people skills focusing on delivering the goods: product management is the way.  Especially for those who wants to see results fast and deliver continuously.

Product Management is the futur of Client Experience

Simply because it’s all about ways (process, light and lean) to adopt and evolve continuously and not about «Project» with an alpha and an omega.

Please join us in the #NeoWorld of Work and Business in #Togetherness. Let’s aim at this sweet spot of applying and BEING really Agile practicing principle of working together like in this image: #business #lighting #howto #customersatisfaction #futurism #buildings #adoption #agility #futur

With Enterprise Scrum for Business Agility, we, at Agile Lounge,  help organization defining their WHY and see if their Product and Services serve a purpose to Customers.  This is why we use the Customer Segment to cluster the breadcromb from the Product Team up to Compagnie vision by focusing on Customer segment real need and what they want as an experience with your product or service.

Product management with Business Agility Framework

This is Agility 3.0 in practice. Every organization that want to evolve and walk the talk of the client promise should embark and become the disruptor of their market.   If not them, other will do.

In a world of everything going fast and mind changing quick where nobody seems to need anything but want to experience life and use a tool for their benefit, entrepreneur and establish organizations are better listening and focus on product management.

As defined by Beedle’s Group of enthusiasm : Business Agility is the ability to respond quickly and effectively to all forms of change to deliver maximum value and customer experience.  Enterprise Scrum, pioneered by Mike Beedle, is a powerful Business Agility Framework for teams and whole organizations to manage everything that matters in a truly agile, adaptive, all-at-once, customer-centric way.


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