Only Agile People Will Survive

Wonder why zombies, zombie apocalypse, and zombie preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site?
Are you Ready for this Fall ? … Fall out ?
How’s your Business ? How’s your financial ? In Debt ?
Do you see the Elephant in the Room ?
Would you like to react or pro-act ?

In this Episode, Coach AF deliver an important message of vision for our new economy and businesses as well as an invitation to hope for a smarter world:
🔸Alone Fast, Together as a Team Far?
🔸Create your own vision in detail
🔸Inclusion and exclusion
🔸The elephant in the room
🔸Alone because I stand alone strong
🔸Together, with a capable team because I want a go far
🔸Need of autonomous workers and teams
🔸Agile is needed more in time of chaos to liberated our ways – react
🔸Agile could be the mindset that will make you proactively do things better and smarter nonobstant where you are in the Stacey Matrix

🟠 Wanna see my Guests and Coach AF?  I am LIVE  Every Friday Noon EST/11hAM Central on 👉🏽 My YouTube Channel

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