Is Agile Feminist ?

An Article on Medium back in Fall 2019 motivated me to create the Dare Real Agile Podcast.

The Internet Blogosphere is already full on crap of article about lean and agile that misled the commun value of the agile movement.   I don’t think we needed Hanna Thomas Lame article about gender power into our agile revolution that is already hard to promote.

After a year of practice with the Season Zero, here’s our Episode 1 in honour of the motivation!

Could we be more positive and inspiring?
Could we stop using divisive speech using race, gender and so on baiting?

Agility is FOR All! Agile isn’t a gender or a social scheme,  it’s an open social revolution, a conscious enhancement of our way to work together with a smarter and better experience. Agile is FOR Humanity and especially enhancing humanity above these dividing speech like Hannah’s article shared here.

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