Enterprise Scrum & Inviting Agility with Michael Herman – Episode 35

Michael Herman, creator of Inviting Agility on Dare Real Agile Podcast

Alexandre-Frédéric Joly and Michael Herman had quite a lot of fun on Dare Real Agile Business Agility Podcast, covering a lot of ground in a marathon podcast conversation:

Part 1
5:00 – 15:00 How I got here, learnings and biases, connecting agile, open space, turbulence, self-organization and more.

Part 2
23:00 – Connecting Open Space (self-orgnanization) and Enterprise Scrum (all-at-once management), the hurdle of visualization, and the natural flow of prioritization, commitment, delivery and retrospective.
35:00 – On lineage, practice and learning for ourselves.
41:00 – About the Enterprise Canvas(es).
52:00 – About the two-box canvas, the simplest canvas that could possibly work.

Part 3
4:00 – 9:00 – Why and ways of working with a canvas.
11:00 – 15:00 – Open Space, Kanban, Scrum and Enterprise Scrum are naturally occuring learning phenomena – if we don’t over-complicate the process.
19:00 – About letting go, into the flow.
21:00 – 26:00 – The truth about safe space.
28:00 – 32:00 – Everyday Open Space, the story of one team’s breakthrough.

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