Talent Agile: Trouvez les meilleurs pour votre équipe Scrum, Agile ou Lean!

Un Atelier Signature, fait sur mesure pour les recruteurs Exclusif à l’Agile Lounge for Business Agility. (For English, Scroll Down) QUE VAIS-JE APPRENDRE DANS CET ATELIER ? Nous vous aiderons à trouver les meilleurs professionnels ayant une expérience des cultures et des méthodes agiles, lean et scrum pour vos clients ou votre organisation pour des équipes […]

SAFe is NOT Agile. SAFe is not Even Scrum

Agile Lounge Foreword Some years ago, with the authorization of Mike Beedle, my mentor, I publish on my blog, my French version of an original article in English published here by Mike Beedle on the Scrum Alliance group of LinkedIN.  One of my subscriber wrote me that the OG article link to LinkedIn is dead.  No more […]

Qu’est-ce qu’agile ?

C’est quoi agile ? C’est quoi l’agilité? C’est pour qui? Pourquoi? Ça vient d’où ? Et si nous mettions un peu de clarté pour une route plus simple et direct ? Une introduction agnostique et objective Agile est un ensemble de 4 valeurs et 12 principes qui donnent aux personnes, aux équipes et aux organisations une […]

Do You CARE Enough to Make it HAPPEN?

Today I want to share my joy with you. I am going into another sprint of my digital nomad life, to serve a client in Miami.  An ex-New-yorker, who dramatically change her life, professionally and personally to move to where her family and she are treated best.  After that, I will embark on a new […]

Product Management is the futur of Client Experience

From Project to Product – Customer Experience careless of a deadline, do not want to wait anymore, seek functional, agreeable application, easy to understand and simple to use. Product and project managers each perform unique functions. When aligned properly, they both can shine. – by Ron Yang Although I agree with Ron Yang’s quote above […]

What is Agile?

What is agile? What is agility? Who is it for? Why? Where did this come from ? What about we put a little clarity for a simpler and more direct and real understanding?  Alexandre Frédéric Joly have a proposition for you: An agnostic and objective introduction Agile is a set of 4 values and 12 […]

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