“Business agility is the future of management.”

– Steve Denning

So what is Business Agility?
We were blessed to have Mike Beedle d’Enterprise Scrum as a mentor and teacher since 2016 and we took his course in March 2018 to become the first organization, with Alexandre Frederic Joly in Canada to be certified CBAC (Certified Business Agility Coach).

Mike and his team created a working group of Enterprise Scrum practitioners in 2016, formed by executives, managers, consultants, coaches and trainers, that through months of painful debates and opinions, came to an agreement as to what Business Agility meant. This is our definition. It is a definition, not the only definition of Business Agility:

“Business Agility is the ability to adapt quickly and effectively to all forms of change to deliver maximum value and customer experience.” – Mike Beedle & 19 contributors

We are proud at Agile Lounge to continue the legacy of our coach in collaboration with several professionals from around the World. We want to help organizations adopt business agility for positive, strong, agile and organizational transformations. We hope you choose our guidance that we wish to offer you with the best value proposition and a maximum customer experience to reach your objective of change and especially adapt to our ever faster changing world.
Stay the leader in your industry and be the DISRUPTOR ones of your market!

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