The Fragile Manifesto

In this Episode, Coach AF goes off The Fragile Manifesto or Fakagile Dowd method from Conartist and their counter agility evolution:How Can You Expect To Be Taken (Seriously)One antidote is be a Real McCoy of the Values and Principles as well of open mind by being agnostic agile.Originaly on Air LIVE on FLA no 112 […]

Les Clowns de LinkedIn

Un Café avec Frédéric 🧡 Les Clowns de LinkedIN – Septième Épisode – Mai 2024! J’aimerais te parler et échanger sur l’actualités, des commentaires, des stratégies sur l’agilité d’affaire, l’innovation technologique et le leadership ouvert, libre et décentralisé. Ce mois-ci prennons un café en parlant des clowns, influenceurs de LinkedIN et autres bétier humain du […]

Bitcoin Halving 2024 and Renaissance 2.0

Coach AF asking you if you are Bitcoin Halving Ready?It’s Happening at 17:57 EDT This day of April 19, 2024 So let’s mark this year halving with this shortcast from a DeFi, Freeman on the Land, Maximalist, Orange Pilled 🧡  With all the ETF in circulation asking for 2800 BTC / Day & right now […]

Scrum Eclipse Agile

Coach AF reacting in nature, on a lame LinkedIn Post that again explain that agile and scrum failed. Plus a quick and Simple Sizing Trick for Scrum Team from the Coach include in this short episode! Actually, for Alexandre Frédéric – Scrum Eclipse Agile. Here’s why! Maybe Brian Link, with all due respect, you should […]

Resonant Agility – the agility I believe in for The Innovation Revolution (Mike Beedle)

🦄 RESONANT AGILITY – the agility I believe in: ✅ INVITE highly-CAPABLE people to co-CREATE somethingGREAT we:🔥 BELIEVE in the PURPOSE of🔥 WANT TO DO🔥 do with PEOPLE we LIKE and RESPECT✅ to benefit PEOPLE: CX, UX, EX✅ all-at-once RESULTS-driven✅ always IMPROVING “If you start out by looking at change as threat, you will never […]

Thirteen Things a Great Scrum Master shouldn’t ignore

Thirteen Things a Great Scrum Master shouldn’t ignore that have a huge impact on team empiricism and agility: But first! What is Scrum? Is it just for SWD? Could it be scaled to the entire Business? Who’s the Scrum Master? Coach AF delve into his tutorial list of 13 action and element that a Great […]

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