Another way to transform organization in Agile – Listen!

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The Awakening and ways to experience your Agile Journey

To really achieve the Agile Transformation it needs more then the adoption of Agile and Scrum, you need to practice and it take some patience in the journey, like transforming your business habits that look like a caterpillar to become the Agile Butterfly that reach for the sky!

Stop lying to yourself and create focus to your transformation goal!

Aren’t you sick & tired of seeing too much « certified » soi-disant coaches that never actually « practice » the work. We are, especially us the Scrumalists Disruptors!

A proper transformation needs practice & walk the talk from every Stakeholders ! Stop spending resources in extensive training & get your arses on the field with practical workshops & tailored coaching!
Adopting & understand the 4 values, the 12 principles is pretty easy, make the stakeholders practicing its technics with the « proper » framework is another thing !

Experience the greatest coaching for your teams!

A great Agile Coach, in my experience, achieve when is doing it too with the team from bottom up! Show them by example what could it be tailored to their products or solutions they are shipping.
To make it happen this required what we call at Agile Lounge the « listener « iteration of the Agile Coach to create a Transformation Backlog with Enterprise Stakeholders Stories to implement !

Let’s get together and share about it in a spontaneous 5 à 7 style Scrum Review

Much more to talk at our first Scrum Disruptor Getaway at The Agile Lounge™ Thursday October 26th 5 PM

More infos & Register for Free here and get the location of our gathering – JOIN US

Nous aurons des échanges autant en Français Agile Lounge offre un environnement ouvert et bilingue!

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer le 26 octobre au Agile Lounge™


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