Agility GaGa & Conscious Agility Vlog Series

Yes yes beautiful people, a new Vlog series is coming up this Spring on the Agile Lounge™ YoutTube channel below for the fun of having authentic and creative conversations.

It will also be a way to build bridges for agility and explore conscious agility in togetherness.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell to know the upcoming Live and be part of the conversation!

We should have these vlog in both English et en français, selon les invités ou les commentaire GaGa que nous aurons à faire. And yes it is inspired by Queen’s song Radio GaGa and because we would like to be a bit sarcastic more then critic, about the actual state of agility, especially in Montréal.

This series will also debunk myths and legends about agility and assist you to detect some BS or con-artist that might not be that authentic for your team or organization.

So stay tune and click on our coach below to get the teaser and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


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