The Agile movement… is NOT very Agile!

It’s been seven long years since the late Mike Beedle #MikeBeedle first discussed the concept of a “pseudo-community.”

Now, it’s time to revisit this topic and expose the false exchanges of ideas and nonsense that occur on social networks like LinkedIn (OUT) about the A-Word or the ‘’Movement’’.

As a consultant, it’s our duty to remain alert to the misleading information that pervades these platforms and to stand out as a true rebel, disruptor, divergent, and agilista.

Let’s restore genuine consultancy and help teams, companies, and individuals thrive with business agility.

My aim? Wake the F*ck you up! And make you realize how much misleading you do, especially if you are yourself a consultant, pretending to be agile coach with S_Fe certification and all other BS.

Where are the true rebel, disruptors, and divergent to bring back real consultancy in helping teams, companies, and people thrive with business agility?

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