Change is inevitable.

The journey from comfortable to new, however, is never easy.

The journey from Waterfall to Agile is no less bumpy.

Entire fields of study have focused on the concepts of change and cultural transformation, yet dealing with human beings seems to be no easier now than in decades past.

Organizations looking to transform from development practices steeped in Waterfall to Agile can take several approaches to move from point A to B.

See me as your Guide in your Agile Journey as in a trip to the Grand Canyon and choose below which Grand Agile Tour (workshops) you would like to take on.

Will do it in a very cozy and loungy environment to help creativity and innovation emerge from your team.


Starting from 90$/hr per participant

Agile Maturity & Assessment Workshop

Agile Talent™

Discovering Agile

Agile Coaching
& Facilitation